Sunday, September 30, 2007


So we're driving past the shop The Baby Factory and our conversation goes like this:

Mr 7: "I don't know why anyone would want to shop at The Baby Factory."

Mama (mischieveously - this is an old game):"I don't know. Maybe they want to buy a baby?"

Mr 7:"Duh, Mama. You know you don't buy babies there. You buy THINGS for babies there."

Mama"Oh, that's right I forgot that you actually know how babies are made."

Mr 7 putting hands over his ears: "Don't tell me again. The last time you told me how babies were made I had a nightmare!"

Hopefully it won't be so scary when he's a big boy!


Janine said...

what????? oh no!!! I thought thats where babies came from? The baby factory that is.....drats. :-)

Penny said...

Snort! That's what we say too ;-) I trust the idea will become more.. uh .. appealing when he's older! ;-)

Actually Janine - you know that baby powder stuff you can get at Pak 'n' Save? You just add water and get babies from that.

scrapgeek said...

LOL - that is tooo funny.

Lara said...


Mim said...

Heheh. My 10 year old still won't let me explain any details, he reckons he's got quite enough information thankyouverymuch from watching nature documentaries and isn't interested in discussing it!

Tracy said...

That conversation just cracks me up! LOL!