Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Today I am reminded of a time 8 years ago when I took Cait to have her eyes tested. As I am from a family of girls who have all needed glasses from a young age I figured it was prudent to have Cait's eyes tested when she was 4. She was excited about the test. We had explained to her about glasses helping people and how cool they were.

Examination over. Cait's eyesight was perfect. She didn't need glasses.

She screamed.

We had built up glasses too much.

Fast forward 8 years. Cait is 12. She complains of sore eyes. She has a test. She has 20/20 vision but her eyes don't work together well when she is tired. The optometrist suggests glasses for when her eyes are tired. For when she's reading late at night (after her light is meant to be out).

She chooses her first frames. Green. Esprit. Groovy.

Like me Cait decides her glasses need to be a fashion statement.

Cait has glasses. She's cool about it.

She doesn't scream.


scrapgeek said...

Yay - no screaming is good!!

Penny said...

the rain has gone... tum te tum.

She has good taste! I'm glad there were no further screams.

Lynda said...

Oh what great journalling, now all you need is a pic and then your page is scrapped :-) I am pleased Cait likes her new eyes.

Anonymous said...

Hay my children have 20/20 vision and are begging for glasses. Harry potter me thinks :)

Janine said...

hey thats a pretty groovy frame from the sound of it. Pleased to hear that no screams were involved. Love that she has decided that they should be a fashion statement. Funny how glasses are "in" right now.

Tracy said...

I would love to see a photo of the new glasses, funny story you need to scrap that!

Lara said...

sound like cool glasses! so pleased she's happy with them!

Lynda said...

There are many cool glasses now.I am pleased it was a bad issue.Mel we need a photo please.There's a layout in there too.

karen said...

:) great!!