Tuesday, July 10, 2007


OK just a wee plug for Karen's art swap. We need a few more people to join our merry crew. Easy peasy. Just produce 2 little art works (however you like, doesn't have to be flash - just use your scrapbooking stash). Send them to Karen and you'll get 2 original art works back. A new topic each month and over time you'll have a little pile of art works that you can bind into a book. Cool fun. And because they're so small (4"x4") they really don't take much time to create.

This month's theme is "If I were a rich man."

You can opt in and out each month so you're not tied into having to do them each month. Check out Karen's blog for details.

Come on, join us, you know you want to!


Janine said...

there has been some fantastic work by you ladies.

Ruth said...

Thanks for the reminder, I best go join in again

karen said...

Thanks for the plug Mel :)
Looking forward to seeing your work this month :)