Thursday, April 12, 2007


Now this post is mostly for Karen because I know she was slightly disappointed that a few months ago I stopped doing Self Portrait Tuesday.

Self Portrait Challenge is a great site. Each month there is a theme. For those who don't know about it basically it's a photography challenge. A challenge to document yourself through photography and to step outside the square.

The theme for April is The Body. "No pretty faces or full body shots, rather bits and extracts of your self." they tell us.

So here I am - one of the few bits of my body I am starting to like. A bit that wasn't like this 18 months ago. Sure, there's still too much fat on that arm. But can you see it? Muscle? On the top? Peeping through? I knew it was in there somewhere!


Janine said...

hey Mel, well done for taking part in SPT again. I love that photo and yip I can see muscle.

karen said...

Thanks Mel :)
I can definitely see that muscle!! Hooray.
(I do hope you'll keep participating ... it's great to share the weekly self-portrait challenge.)

Penny said...

yep- some muscle in there...