Monday, April 23, 2007


A few weeks ago I made a no-dig garden. I've told you about it already.

Tonight I picked my first homegrown vegetables. Silverbeet. It looks great. Not dark green and dried up like in the supermarket. Light green. New. Fresh. Good enough to go in a salad. And it will.

The silverbeet has been a great crop. No bugs. No holes in the leaves. Unlike the brocolli. I had to pull out the entire first batch of brocolli due to white caterpillar strike. They stripped the leaves. I put in more but have to use Derris Dust on them all the time. Won't plant those again. The one lone beetroot is looking good. So are the spring onions. The lettuces are almost ready. The cos lettuce has done best. The rhubarb has struck but has to be left for 2 years before I can pick it. The herbs flourish.

And best of all - with a no-dig garden there's no digging. And no weeding!

Now, in the background you can just see my dead rosemary cuttings. They didn't strike. They sat in little plastic bag covered pots for a few weeks. I watered some. I didn't water others. They all died. Anyone have any tips?


Janine said...

well done on your crop Mel.

Debbie said...

Mel, i don't like silverbeet that much but even that crop looks yummy to me....I can't wait to move into new place and get a huge vege garden going properly...what we have at the moment doesn't do too well.

Penny said...

can't beat homegrown stuff!