Tuesday, March 27, 2007


So Karen has tagged me and I have to share 5 quirks or eccentricities - but 5 only. So here goes...

1. I am a list writer but I never take my lists with me. So I write a grocery list but it never comes with me to the supermarket. I think the act of writing the list enables me to remember it.

2. I abhor spelling mistakes on signage but mostly on menus in cafes/restaurants. I can't help but point them out to whoever I'm with. It makes me think less of the cafe (that they have spent money on something that is wrong).

3. I wash my hair everyday - I can't not.

4. I can't sit down and watch TV in the evening until the family room/kitchen is tidy and the dishes are done.

5. I can only play one song on the piano and I play and sing it everyday (boy is my family sick and tired of Let it Be)!

Now I'm tagging Sandra, Penny and you because you're reading this and you have quirks too!


karen said...

Thanks Mel. I'm laughing at your one-song repetoire!
and the list which gets written but never taken to the supermarket :)

Janine said...

I am smiling about you washing your hair everyday. Gosh I must seem odd because I shampoo one day on the second day its wet under the shower but not washed and then I shampoo and condition on the third day. Then I go back to shampoo, you get my drift! I guess thats nother quirk. I love that song "Let it be"

Ruth said...

Gosh you seem positively 'normal' Loving reading everybody's quirks

Penny said...

I'll bet they are sick of it!! LOL!

I shall have to think and narrow my quirks down. Shall I ask DH to tell me some? Maybe not.

Lynda said...

Yup I hear you about washing your hair everyday :-)

Jenny said...

Mel - I actually carry a red pen so that I can correctspelling in restaurants etc. I too wash my hair every day - doesn't everyone?

Angela said...

Hi Mel, could you email me please, four.mcs at extra, I want to ask you about your trampoline.

Delys said...

yep laughing at the list (which is what I do always)
And if you enjoy playing it go for it!...theyll remember you by jeez do you remember that song Mum used to play?
Love your quirks Mel!