Thursday, January 25, 2007


I have a confession to make.

Well it's not a big one but some of my fellow scrappers have been doing some classes with Shimelle and they're working on confessions.

Here's mine.

I am crap at lawnmowing.

I thought about it today as I was mowing the lawns. We have quite a big back yard. When D does the lawns (which is most of the time) our lawns look like a cricket pitch - straight lines, stripes, tidy.

When I do the lawns I get bored with going up and down - I go in curves and swirls and circles. And the lawns do look a bit messy when I'm done.

D once told me (kindly)I did such a crap job that I should just leave them to him. So I do. Mostly. But occassionally I think I'll help out.

It's strange because when I scrap I prefer straight lines. But... I always end up doodling.

Doodled lawns. I like them that way.


Janine said...

too funny Mel. I love the concept of doodled lawns, could be a new trend. I remember doing the lawns as a teenager for my dad and he was mortified at my attempt and kindly said he appreciated but in future to leave them to him. :-)

Angela said...

You need to come to our house Mel, we don't really have straight edges, most of the section is rounded (well, the gardens are) so you tend to do it in circles, and 'doodles' and the good thing is you don't notice, in fact when it is DONE in straight lines, it looks funny.

karen said...

I love doodled lawns too!! LOL (I used to call it *pattern-making* until Ken banned me from lawn duties)

Ruth said...

I would probably do them in straight lines just so I could count how many there would be and how many I had left to do so I could count them down lol. But I like the sound of your doodled lawns.

Andrea said...


Annie said...

I Love it!

Penny said...

hee hee!
I tease DH he should do a design... like Van Gogh's Sunflowers or something..

Ali Dub said...

Cracking up here Mel. Having sat beside you at crops, I'm not surprised either ..... wonder how many women doodle their lawns in order to out of mowing them??