Saturday, December 30, 2006


Christmas that is? Andrea has been asking everyone.

Our Christmas Day was quiet fo a change - just us 4 and my parents. But still too much food. Man, we cater for about 10 times as many people as are coming - every time. Boxing Day we headed to Palmerston North - had a lovely couple of days with my sister,J, and her family. Home for a couple of days.

Off camping on 3-5 January (but can we put the tent up?). This is a first for the Thorns. Wait a week and I'll tell you all about it.

10-16 Jan we're off to Mapua (out of Nelson for those not in the know). Heaven on earth. And thanks to the lovely Evana for hooking us up with her friend whose house we're hiring.

Now I have to ask - what's the one memorable thing you got for Christmas? Mine gobsmacked me. And no. It wasn't anything to do with scrapbooking.

About a week before Christmas I'd been shopping with both my sisters, my Mum and my niece (an unusual event as we don't all live in the same town). I'd seen and admired a gorgeous red jacket in Jacqui E but didn't try it on as I was determined not to fritter more money away (you know what it's like at this time of the year). That night I briefly told D how good I'd been not buying it and he laughed.

On Christmas morning I got a few parcels from D. The best one was THE JACKET. He bought it for me! From a women's clothing shop. And knew what size to get. And it fitted. Gobsmacked!

(Edited - And, I must add, I love every gift I am ever given. There are no dud gifts in my mind. I love everything because someone has taken the time to choose it for me. I have never exchanged anything because I didn't like it. One other precious gift this year was a squirrel from E. Yep, an eight inch stone squirrel that E knew mama needed for her garden. Delightful!)


Dave said...

The way I see it, it's not what the present is but that you were thought of ... I am glad you had a good Christmas

Janine said...

Mel what a lovely day you had and wow at D, amazing man that hubby of yours. Love what E got you too. Enjoy your camping trip and Mapu. Once again the power of scrapping comes through!!

Penny said...

What a great hubby! Jacquie E has some really nice stuff.

Glad you had a nice day :)

Sandra said...

Glad to hear you had a nice Chrissie Mel. Isn't it special when someone (esp DHs) go out of their way to do something surprising. Happy camping. I love camping and am missing it this year :-(

Delys said...

Well done Darren! Cant wait to hear about the camping...I have trouble putting up some tents (and I am an ex cub leader lol). Some tents are just not logical to put up! Hope yours is good! Have a lovely time down in Mapua..are you going to visit E? Had to laugh about catering for far too many and having a mountain of leftovers..same here!

Andrea said...

What a neat hubby you have ... suprises like that always impress me. It shows people are paying attention to what you like.

karen said...

Mel, love to hear about the special thoughts that went into the gifts you received for Christmas.
Have a great holiday! (Was just showing my bro the CJ we worked on together and saying *this is how I *met* some of the great people I *talk* to on-line!)

plainbellied said...

Mel, I love the scrapbook pages you made. Beautiful. And I'm glad you got the red jacket. I'm always happier when I'm wearing something bold.