Thursday, November 16, 2006


I haven't done much scrapping lately. Apart from a couple of circle journal pages I haven't had the inclination.

Until now.

I opened the latest Up2Scrap magazine and was blown away by Lara's altered gumboots. I think it wasn't so much the art work but the idea. SHE ALTERED GUMBOOTS. That's what I love about Lara - she is an original. She doesn't always do what everyone else does.

I had to email Lara to tell her that not only did I love her idea but I raced out to our tool shed and found some old gumboots and started making some myself. (They started out black.) Later I realised I had not read the rest of Up2Scrap - it was sitting on the kitchen bench having only made it to the gumboot page.

So here are my 'boots in progress' - still lots of embellishments to do.

And the verdict from my family:

Caitlin - "You are so weird, Mum. But I want the blue one!"
Elliot - "Awesome!"
Darryn - no words, just a strange look as though I might be coming down with something!


Lynda said...

Love those comments from your family. I have just completed an altered project too and everyone has pointed out to me that there is paint all over the edges of the papers and the letters are on crooked. I guess only scrappers really understand. For the record I think your boots look great, can't wait to see the finished products.

Janine said...

Now they rock!! I agree Lara's work is stunning and I loved her boots. Aww I think they will make perfect stockings this year.....I could see e actually doing an altered gumboot.

karen said...

Mel they are too cool! Lara's work is definitely inspirational ... I lingered on those pages myself.

Trina said...

WTG Mel, so impressed that you were inspired by something and acted on it so quickly. Can't wait to see the final product.

Delys said...

woohoo wtg Mel just gorgeous! loved Laras gumbbots too.
lol @ your familys responses..we understand completely!

Dianna said...

They are so cute.

Lara said...

thanks for the positive vibes Mel - I had a bit of a negative week and your email made it so much better :-)

Penny said...

LoL at the family reaction!

They are really cute though - great idea :) Tho' I think DS would object to me painting over his precious bulldozers.