Sunday, August 06, 2006


I'm laughing quietly at the lovely comments everyone has been leaving on my 21 Day Challenge work. Because I am sticking to my rules of only 10 minutes (ok maybe 15-max) per day. And none of these pages are great works of art. And every single one of them I would ordinarily have ripped out and re-done (over an hour or two) but that would be breaking my rules. I'm posting them just to prove I've done them - not because I expect anyone to think they are good (because, let's face it, most of them aren't!). So thank you, kind people, for being kind!


karen said...

but you are being so good to keep at it!! I admire you for setting achievable rules to encourage yourself.

Janine said...

i think the 10 min rule is working for you!!! I am adopting that rule. Will upload mine Monday night. I am trying to get rest of homework sorted tonight and those blasted swap pins.

Mel are you jounralling as well? I have done the quote on one page and my journalling on the other. However I am only going to upload my quote page and not the journalling.

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

Hey Mel,
So cool that you are going to be sitting at the same table as me at the crop on Friday night.
As for the table decorations etc I have no idea what is going on all i know is that we are going to be wearing black pants and a black or white t-shirt...why don't you give Jenny and email ( her address is on the seating plan at KS...she can probably give you some more details.

See you in a few days

Penny said...

You know how they used to say your first answer in an exam is usually the right one? Well maybe that goes for art journals as well.

They look pretty good to me :)

Michelle Tibble-Williams said...

Ok, remind me not to blink :) Wow you have been busy and I am envious especially with going to Eric Clapton.... thats gonna be a trip :)

Lara said...

good on you for doing these!