Wednesday, August 30, 2006


So yesterday I put the EPOC theory to the test.

First I got on the StairMaster machine. It's like walking up stairs. After about 5 minutes my heart rate was in the 150 beats per minute. I wanted to stop (jelly legs, short of breath) but carried on for 20 minutes. My heart rate rose to the late 150s-165 range. It was really hard. I burned 330 calories in 20 minutes.

Then I did 20 minutes walking on the treadmill. Not uphill. Just flat. 6 kilometres per hour - quite a good steady pace. My heart rate levelled out at around 125. I could sing and carry on a conversation but breathed a bit heavier and could feel my heart elevated a bit. It was pretty easy. I burned 130 calories in 20 minutes.

So therein lies the crux of the EPOC theory. Work hard. Burn more calories. Raise your metabolism for longer.


Janine said...

my try that at teh gym next Monday!!!

Dianna said...

We have a 10 week challenge starting next week just for walking but the local gym has a plan to concide with this so tell me how intensive was the exercise programe and eating. Trying to work out whether I can fit this in and would be interested in your thoughts.

karen said...

great work! I love cardio work-outs ... like you say, the metabolic effects last longer than the duration of the work-out ..

Michelle Tibble-Williams said...

Holy moly!! I'm feeling exhausted reading your workout! Thats awesome