Sunday, July 16, 2006


9.58pm and despite going to bed at 7.30pm Elliot (6) is still awake. "I hate school" he tells me and proceeds to give me a litany of the things he hates about school:

"I hate being inside all day"
"I hate it when the teachers check your lunch box"
"I hate when Josh and James say those mean words to me"
"I hate writing"
"I hate that they don't have Playstation".

Why can't he be like his big sister who loves school?


Janine said...

oh now theres a list of reasons to hate school. Hmmmm I could do a similar list for work some days lol. Poor Elliot, he will grow out of it. He reminds me a lot of my yonger brother who felt the same age. Around 7 he started loving it.
Not easy for you Mel.

Sandra said...

Poor Elliot....and poor you for having to make him go...must be hard. Hang in there. I'm sure you will find a way through it. Don't our kids tug at our heart strings.
Sending Positive school thoughts Elliots way this morning!!

Ruth said...

Oh oh! My boy is doing the I hat school thing this morning. Well not the school he says so much as the teacher!! Oh great! Hope you get your boy off to school okay

Delys said...

Yep Jennifer went through a stage of that. Found out she was being bullied and after sorting it out it came right. She still has problems and hates maths.

Penny said...

Check their lunch box!?!?!? What is this ...lunch box police or something? Sounds a bit OTT.

Poor Elliot. I was a nerd and liked school. [blush] I hope he can find some things to like soon.

Lynda said...

Oh poor Elliot, my 8yo would love to find that school that would let you play on playstation all day and not make you write!

karen said...

why does the teacher check his lunchbox? that is just plain weird.
sorry to hear that school doesn't suit Elliot. have you considered home-schooling ... even *just* for a year?

Jane said...

poor Elliot. First days back were always the worst. they check lunchboxes at Cam's school too- but if they don't check to make sure they've eaten their lunch - lots of little boys are too busy to eat it and go hungry all day (I have one of those !) I hate the thought of him feeling hungry- so I am grateful for the lunch box patrol ! lol

Mel said...

For those wondering - lunch box inspections happen because a number of little boys would prefer to play than eat. They just have to show the teacher that they've eaten something- doesn't matter what. It's actually not a big deal (except to Elliot who would rather play than eat)