Saturday, July 08, 2006


Photo: Evana Willis Layout: Heidi Swapp

Heidi Swapp had a competition recently where you had to send in your "water' photos.

3500 people entered. 3500!

Heidi chose 3 lots of photos and scrapped their photos (imagine Heidi Swapp scrapping YOUR photos).

Anyway the lovely Evana Willis from NZ was one of the lucky 3! How cool is that?

Now head on over to Heidi's site and vote for your favourite layout (pick Evana!).


Janine said...

thanks for that reminder. I have cast my vote for Evana.

karen said...

Done! Now I feel like a good li'l NZ scrapbooker LOL

Sandra said...

Voted. What fabulous layouts. I can't believe 3500 entries. That's incredible

Ruth said...

Isn't that great when it is a NZer that gets picked for these things.

Ali Dub said...

Ooh all the exciting stuff happens while I'm away - thanks for the tip off, I haven't got to Evanas blog yet.

Lara said...

done my voting - have a great time in Taupo!

Evana said...

Oh thanks for that dude! You know I stil haven't heard who the winner was but I reckon I am pretty darn lucky already!

Step back over and check out your guess for the baby thing though.....I am thinking that 4 am on the 19th might have been!....LMAO