Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I was looking for a recipe for my circle journal swap and I came across this poem I'd written for Elliot. I'd forgotten I wrote it 15 months ago when he started school. (He'd still rather be at home!)

For Elliot on your 5th birthday

Sweet baby, boy
Today you started school
You would have preferred, I think,
the confines of home
for a little longer.

Your bottom lip trembled.
You didn't cry.
You told the class your news
About a new Playstation game.
I cried after I had left you there.
Mothers do that sometimes.

You cried when I picked you up
because you had bitten your tongue.
And it was sore.
And you hadn't eaten all day.
So we left school a little early.

We sat at home on the couch
and watched TV and Piglet made you laugh.
And we had a bath with bubbles.
And we read The Cat in the Hat.
And I sang "I Love You" and "Twinkle, Twinkle"
and "Away in a Manger" because we always sing those songs.
And now you are sleeping.
And you are always my darling, baby

But tomorrow I must send you off
into the world again
because that is what a mother has to do
to help you grow up to be a big boy.
But I really want to keep you here with me,
in the confines of home,
for a little longer.

13 April 2005


karen said...

Aww that's so sweet. Nice you've got a blog to store it :) and a scrapbook?

Lynda said...

Oh Mel, that is such a wonderful poem. What a great relationship you have with Elliot.

Janine said...

Awww Mel I loved reading that poem. It is equisite. What a lovely memory for both you and Elliot. I agree with Karen scrap it.

Hmmm would your write me one??

Penny said...

*sob, sniff*
I really, really don't want to think about my baby boy growing up but it just happens!!

Great poem :)

Jane said...

oooh ! what a lovely poem ! made my heart go all goooey too. Also, I've just caught up with the photos from the snow- you all look so fabulously healthy and happy. really made me smile !