Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Elliot is home, sick, today. Yesterday we had an early morning visit to the After Hours doctor - Elliot had croup which he hasn't had since he was a baby. Most painful was the $60 charge (for a six year old!) at the doctors. He never gets sick when our own GP is available. Anyway, today he is home from school. He probably could have gone but it is so cold today I decided to keep him home.

I told Elliot that if he was staying home he had to take it easy and could not play on the Playstation. His response? "Why not? The police won't see me!"

My fault. He doesn't like school much and often says "Why do I have to go?" In frustration one day I said "Because it's the law in New Zealand. If you don't go to school a policeman will tell Mummy off!" It seems he remembered.

Anyway here he is a few minutes ago - very sick, of course! (Note the Cropper Hopper project case and the acid free cardstock- essential art supplies for a six year old.)

PS Thanks for all the suggestions about what to do with the extra PS2. We decided to give it to our niece and nephew in Nelson. It was couriered to them in the weekend and Elliot even insisted on giving them 2 games. "I don't need these anymore". As Oprah say... pay it forward.


Penny said...

heh heh - love the croup monster mask! :) Hope he's better soon. What is it with DS's? Mine also only gets sick on weekends and evenings when normal dr is closed [rolls eyes].

Janine said...

Kids have a great memory don't they lol. Love his mask, great work Elliot. I am sure your niece and nephew will love the playstation and go Elliott on giving them some games.

karen said...

Such a trial when school's no fun. Teacher appraisals should have a performance measure assigned to "student interest" don't you think?
Hey love the giveaway option ... and that you managed to think of someone who might appreciate the gift. Yay for the games too, so they can play right away.

Delys said...

That is just great giving the extra ps2 away..awesome! Making their life just a little better when its not nice atm! double awesome!
Yep my kids always get sick on a weekend and you also have to wait or go back in for the duty chemist to be open! Grrr. Hope Elliot is better soon!

Ali Dub said...

Well he may not like school but it seems that Elliot is getting his most important life lessons from home - WTG on that giveaway decision. The older the kids are, the harder a breakup is to handle. Funnily enough, my Caits and her Dad and I were talking about this very thing on the weekend.

Ruth said...

yep he looks sick!! LOL
hope he better soon.

Argh on the $60 bill