Tuesday, March 14, 2006


This month's theme is time. "For one month I would like you to document time - in order to ...- document and observe physical changes in yourself- create a discourse on identity- keep a visual diary of moods- tell stories"

This photos shows my sisters, my Mum and I at Darryn and my 40th birthday party last year. The theme was '80s. Theme chosen because we met in the '80s, married in the '80s and loved the music. Can't really see my costume which was a Madonna big boobed thing (I was too fat - didn't really work!). In the '80s I had curly blonde hair so my friend, Sherie, who happens to be a hairdresser curled my hair for the night. Darryn went as a punk which stole the show.

I am the eldest of three girls. Little sister, Katrina, had a 'Frankie says Relax" t/shirt on and Middle sister, Janine, went in an 1880's getup only because she liked trying it on at the hire shop! She's 40 this year. Mum wore a glittery gold top and headband and stuff. Everyone dressed up - all 70 of them- which was cool. Not a great photo but we don't have many photos of all us Joseph girls together. A special one because of that.


karen said...

Love your time photo. Great theme - the 80s - and wasn't that decade such a distinctive one!!
I haven't come up with a time idea yet this week ...

karen said...

Mel, I finally found a time-theme photo. Not perhaps an obvious 'time-theme' but kind-of follows on from my earlier March/time photo.