Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I was looking at this photo of the kids which was taken about 3 years ago and I was thinking "Time - where does it go? "

This is where it went today:

6.25am Woken by DH as he's leaving for the day (he never goes without putting his hand on me to wake me and says 'bye, have a good day'. I like that. But how come he can get out of bed and get dressed for the gym and I never hear him and never wake up?).

6.40-7.50am Dragged myself out of bed. Woke Cait. Showered. Woke Cait again. Dressed. Woke Elliot (who had crept into our bed during the night). Talked to Elli about today, "Is it a school day?". Made the bed. Picked up the newspaper that D has thrown into the hallway from the driveway. Opened curtains. Turned on the fish tank lights. Fed the fish. Fed the cat. Made Elli's bed. Made Cait's bed (mental note to self - she's meant to make her own bed. I need to enforce that.) Got school lunches ready (mental note to self - Cait's meant to make her own lunch -she's 10) . Got breakfast for Elli. Talked to Cait about after school activities. Got clothes out for Elli (he's 5). Told Elli he didn't need the TV AND the computer both on. Threw a load of washing on. While looking at a couple of pages of the newspaper ate usual breakfast (Hubbards Bran and Apricot cereal and 3/4 cup Calci Trim milk). Reminded Cait to brush her teeth. Unstacked the dishwasher. Grinned to myself when Caitlin said bye to her brother "Bye, Elli - have a good day. I love you." Saw Cait across the road to wait for her ride to school.

This is how my day starts every day - Monday to Friday. That's where my time goes.


Lara said...

yep, time flies. Alicia (5) is very excited to be getting Bfast for her siblings - so we get an extra 10 mins in bed - long may it last. But then the morning rush kicks in too!

Anonymous said...

What do you do with the rest of your day :)

karen said...

Love the details in your routine. Nice that you wish each other a good day - makes a positive start to the day whatever happens (later)

Delys said...

I dont even hear Dh getting up to milk the cows now...unless hes slept in! My morning routine is chasing the rooster away from my bedroom window!The rooster wakes me up every morning...in my nightie...Im going to do him in shortly...just need a gun licence! Aww no I wouldnt! I have just taught our labrador to chase him off in the morning instead! lol