Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Tuesday again. No this photo is not me. It's Dave Gibson, the lead singer of NZ band Elemeno P. I took this photo on Saturday night at the Summer Hummer concert in Upper Hutt. It was a family concert.Hip hop band Fast Crew (actually they were great) and Elemeno P. Frankie Stevens was the MC. There were heaps of kids and parents there (so we didn't feel like oldies - well not too much). Anyway what got me was that Cait (who's 10) really wanted to go as she knows all the songs. But she just watched. She didn't sing like she would at home and she didn't dance. She sat and watched and stood and watched. She just kind of 'hung'. She told me she was too embarassed to join in. But wait... that was me. As a kid I loved music and I sang in the school and church choirs (heck, in my late teens/early 20s I even got PAID to sing at weddings!). I knew all the words to all the latest songs. But when I went to pop concerts I could never let myself go. I just 'hung' too. That's why this photo is me - how I wished I'd been!


Ali Dub said...

Yup I can see ya babe - 2nd from the left, letting it all hang out Lol!

karen said...

Aww Mel, that is so Teenage. Hope you don't hold back on having fun now ... and can encourage Caitlin to do the same.

karen said...

Mel, are you submitting a new self-portrait for the challenge? This week I -gulp!- photographed the worst of my coffee table, spare bed and book bag debris and combined them into one messy photo of 'ugly'. I'm looking forward to a new SPT challenge topic ... "not ugly" LOL