Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Elliot (age 5 and three quarters) doesn't do much in the way of extra-curricular activities. He has swimming lessons and that's it. He's never been interested in trying anything. I took him to dancing lessons (he loves dancing) and he sat on the side and watched for 3 lessons and wouldn't join in. We took him to soccer and he watched and wouldn't join in. So imagine my surprise when he was watching big sister Caitlin's first tennis lesson and he announced "I would like to be a tennis player". I couldn't enrol him quick enough.

Elliot was delighted to find out that the fees for the lessons included his very own kid sized tennis racket. Of course I also had to go and buy white soled shoes as he didn't have any. But it was worth it to see how proud he was on his first lesson. He even managed to hit the ball a few times.

"I like being a tennis player."


Ali Dub said...

Awwwwwwe cute - that kid will be the next Boris Becker - I'd better get his autograph the next time I"m down. (Love your bed hair too Mel)

karen said...

Mel, that is so cool ... great he's seen an activity he's interested in, and wants to get involved.

Delys said...

Awesome Mel! Am so glad he is enjoying his tennis lessons.