Tuesday, December 13, 2005

MY BABY IS A STAR - Well in the Hutt Valley!

The local newspaper attended Caitlin's karate grading on Friday. Imagine our surprise to open the paper tonight and find a whole page spread of photos of karate kids! There's a huge photo of Caitlin and most of the write-up is about her! She was the only girl who was grading and she'd been really sick in the days leading up to it. She thought it was so cool - and to top it off there was an ad at the bottom of the page saying that she had won the 'Active Kid' of the week - a prize sponsored by The Professionals - local real estate agents. A cool sports bottle, lanyard, mints and a cafe voucher.

Tonight Caitlin told me that she thinks she'd better get a 'Karate Scrapbook" for all her karate stuff. Just what I was thinking!

I am so proud of her!


Delys said...

Yay for Caitlin! Isnt it just wonderful when they see themselves in the paper..its a real buzz for them! Congratulations on winning her prize too!
Dont forget to get the photos from the newspaper!

Jane said...

waaahooo ! well done Caitlin! Sounds like a perfect scrapping excuse, Mel !