Friday, December 09, 2005


I just answered my front door to find a woman I know from the school community on my doorstep. She had something for me. She said she knew I'd lost heaps of weight and that I was still working on it and that when she lost a lot of weight a while ago she found that the hardest part was having no clothes to wear during the 'on the way' period. She wanted to loan me a pile of her 'too big' clothes. She handed over huge bag. They were all my favourite designer labels. Over $2000 worth of clothes - tops, jean jackets, skirts. Everything fits. I couldn't believe it. What a treasure Rolene is. Now what can I do to show her my appreciation?


Delys said...

Oh what a treasure she is! Thats the nicest thing Ive heard lately. Maybe a card or a scrap calendar, or get one of those free Nestle tins (when you buy 2 products) and fill it with yummies?
Enjoy wearing all those new clothes Mel! I reckon that would be a great incentive to keep going when you have clothes that fit too!

Jane said...

Oooh ! what a nice thing to do ! Its so nice to hear stories like that.

Ali Dub said...

Wow what an amazing lady - how cool is that? She deserves a DB!!!