Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Michelle's weekly blog challenge
"List 5 qualities you admire in others"
1. Calmness and
2. Patience (role modeled to me amazingly by Darryn - I try to follow his example but it's not always easy!)
3. Wise counsel (again it comes in abundance from my husband - how did he get to be such a wise old sage?)
4. Encouragement
5. A peaceful heart

THEN list 5 qualities that you think others admire about YOU! "
OK This is much harder -
1.Generosity (mostly with time - offering to help people)
2. Random acts of praise - lately I have really tried to praise people (my kids, friends, strangers in shop - telling them I love their skirt or their kids are cute - just random acts to brighten a day)
3. As I age I no longer care what other people think - I am comfortable with who I am - I hope this is a trait that inspires others.
4. This is a strange one but I always answer the phone sounding very happy - think good PR skills. I think it's important!
This is so hard - I will have to complete it later!


Delys said...

Good on you having a go at this challenge Mel...I will have to think about it abit myself before doing it!

José said...

Hellos mys friensd, very well all, very kisses from Venezuela, here we wait that Chavez goin live to Alaska. Helpppppppp pleaseeeeesssssss.